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Best Freight & Logistics Service in Glen Ellyn

Do you need a cargo truck to move some loads? AK Trucking is a freight transport company in Glen Ellyn that will help you move your loads and eliminate any stress associated with logistics. Therefore, whether it is regular cargo or a temperature-controlled shipment, we can transport it for you. If you want to ...

We Give Our Best to Our City!

Each member of our Chicago-based team is friendly and very experienced, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have. We use modern technology to track our freight rates so you can know where the cargo is. Our goal is to make sure the delivery of goods from the origin to the final destination without ...

Fast & Secure Delivery Service

When we deliver goods, we like to guarantee that our staff has access to the highest-grade vehicles and technologies for easy and convenient service. From our well-kept vehicles to digital tools, our professionals are equipped, trained, and prepared for any eventuality. AK Trucking never compromise on the quality ...


Very reliable , safe company 
Feb 20, 2024
OCMC Trucking Inc.